Team State Farm Football Find

A major player in US insurance, State Farm is constantly looking to foster brand affinity and generate sales leads in emerging markets. Of those, millennials and Gen Z represent one of vast potential; but reaching this target audience would require a truly innovative approach.

Thus was born Team State Farm Football Find (TSFFF), a trailblazing four-day hybrid campaign that combined augmented reality (AR) with live interaction to create an exciting gamified experience. State Farm appointed Infinity Marketing Team, a member of Pico Group, to oversee much of the project, including concept development, creative design, social media strategy, app development and management, all the way to build and execution.



A fundamental challenge for the campaign was the need to cut through the multimedia ‘noise’ typically surrounding its target audience, as well as to offer an experience that would both resonate and establish engagement mechanisms between the audience and brand.

A key element of the solution was the presence of National Football League players Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers. Referencing advertisements well-known to the target audience featuring Mahomes’ ‘sneakerhead’ and Rodgers’ ‘singer-songwriter’ alter egos, the campaign app would bring participants into an AR treasure hunt with several levels of play and rewards.


Tapping into the ambassadors’ alter egos, eight ‘sneakerhead’ and musician influencers with a combined reach of over 55 million millennial and Gen Z followers promoted the campaign, generating more than 200,000 engagements and helping the campaign go viral.

To begin the AR treasure hunt, participants used QR codes to register on a custom TSFFF app, whereupon they received gameplay instructions from Mahomes, Rodgers and ‘Jake from State Farm’. Then, using their mobile devices, players could search for and ‘catch’ digital footballs scattered across the city.

Completing each level earned players digital scratch cards that unlocked the next level, as well as revealing tiered rewards. These began with TSFFF-inspired NFTs, digital gift cards or Mahomes- and Rodgers-autographed memorabilia, with final levels offering more exclusive prizes such as rare NFTs by award-winning artists, custom sneakers and experiences provided by the influencers. Players who shared the game with 10 friends won additional scratch cards.

Digital, fun and engaging, the campaign made a revolutionary impression on its target audience, offering a marketing angle never before seen from State Farm or other insurance brands. For State Farm, it was a massively successful demonstration of leveraging innovative tech for a digital-physical campaign and led to the company strategically embracing NFTs as a key driver for prizing and promotion.


With a duration of just four days, TSFFF reached and engaged with its target audience to a degree that far exceeded client expectations:

  • Achieved 430% of target consumer engagement goal
  • Total unique users: 43,000
  • App site visitors: 70,000+
  • Total digital footballs collected: 1.32 million 
  • Average visit duration: 14:02 minutes’ participation time
  • Total shares: 33,000+ 
  • NFTs claimed: 51,500
  • Branded prizes distributed: 9,700
  • Brand impressions: 610 million

The project also triggered a series of category wins for Infinity Marketing Team:

Chief Marketer’s PRO Awards 2022

  • Platinum PRO Awards
  • Gold Winner:
    • Best Use of An App
    • Best Use of Gamification, Contests and Sweepstakes
    • Best Integrated Campaign
  • Silver Winner:
    • Best Use of AI/VR/AR
    • Best Buzz Campaign
  • Bronze Winner:
    • Best Brand Awareness Campaign

Event Marketer’s The 2022 Ex Awards

  • Ex Award Winner: Best Pandemic-era Campaign
  • Gold Finalist: Best Hybrid Event Program

Event Marketer’s ‘The 2022 IT List’